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A photographer on a journey: AbuShakra Muhammad




AbuShakra is a professional photographer who has been in the industry for several years. His repertoire consists mostly of photoshoots in the Alps and other spots in the Bavarian outskirts. One of his most acclaimed collections to date is “Alps: 2018” which is a marvellous example of drone photography.
It is not uncommon to see people in a certain field expand their impact and overview in the industry once they become expert in their job. AbuShakra has done exactly that. After he has established himself as a professional in the field of photography, he has expanded his domain and has now started up a travel agency of his own. The agency known by the name of AbuShakra Travels has been doing exceptionally well. This is not because of any hidden success but because of their thorough knowledge of the service they provide. Since AbuShakra himself knows a lot about what places to visit and has been to many of them in the duration of his career as a photographer, the travel agency which is owned and managed by AbuShakra also features the same spots to others who want to find natural beauty at its best. The changeover from being just a photographer to a photographer and an entrepreneur has definitely been hard. However, AbuShakra says that having a good team of family and friends who have supported him right from the start of his journey has definitely helped him is this aspect of life as well.
After all these achievements and expeditions, one would expect AbuShakra to be nothing short of a workaholic. However, time management is definitely one of AbuShakra’s strong suits and even while being a professional photographer and a businessman AbuShakra finds time to unwind and relax. He says that being able to come back home and indulge in his private time has not at all decreased his ability to work but has instead increase efficiency and his motivation to go to his job every morning. To destress AbuShakra has hobbies such as hiking, camping, trekking, biking around and the likes. Notice something in common in all of them? That’s right they are all sports which involve being outside among nature. This is because being one with the Earth has always appealed to AbuShakra. It was his motive to take up photography when he was just to child and even now continues to be a part of every aspect of his life. Apart from this it has the added benefit of helping AbuShakra find new locations to photograph and innovative ideas to implement in his work.
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