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A quantum leap in the Virtual Reality domain!




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The researchers at Northwestern University have developed a system that can replicate the sense of touch. A device that generates electric impulses embedded in a pliable material made from silicone which coheres with the skin. With 32 actuators to its dispense, it is controlled by a smartphone or a tablet. As each actuator vibrates it creates a perception of touch. Also, a user can decide the parameters such as pressure and pattern.

Power of Touch…

The power of touch is inexplicable. Whether you mean to give a consoling shoulder tap to an exciting fist bump, touch provides you an emotional connection with your surroundings. Also, the practical applications, like sensing the amount of force to be applied for a certain piece of work.

There are multifarious ways of using the device developers say. However, the making of the prototype is a colossal step. John Rogers, a researcher, said that our sense of touch is the most profound connection between people. Also, he said The key idea is to produce a pattern of sensation that can produce the surrogate of touch.


Talking about the specifications, the device is not only wireless but also does not require any battery. Also, the protocols used are near-field communication protocols. By designing such a system, the researchers have ensured a deice which has no bulk, size, and weight-related problems. Also, they are trying to achieve the goal of making a device that could be worn indefinitely without any unnecessary struggle.


Testing on people using prosthetics, using the device attached to it, this is a ray of hope for many. People have realized how flattering technology could be and how much it can help in improvising the standards of living.

Further, the researchers plan to improve the system by exploring thermal inputs, in order to sense the temperature using prosthetics. Also, they are trying to make the device lighter and thinner to put it to effective implementation in the future!

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