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Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation seeking interest in Indian tech




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Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has been focused on the utilization of technology to its best. Particularly in the domains of healthcare, sanitation, agriculture, and financial development, the foundation has been immensely inclined to help the underprivileged and in India, the Foundation has been working for over a decade. Bill Gates, the Microsoft co-founder, on his 3-day visit to India, talked about the country’s economic growth and immense potential.

At a recent media event, the billionaire spoke about the involvement of technology in multiple domains. He also mentioned his whim of India gaining high growth in the upcoming years. Being majorly focused on innovative technologies, which could prove to be a game-changer.

Gates complimented India’s innovative approach in the domain of vaccination. Also, he mentioned the country’s measures taken for the welfare of the people. The co-founder believes utilizing technology in the domains of cancer, automobile, and education can be revolutionary. In his 3-day visit, many developing startups caught his eye related to healthcare, sanitation and agricultural development.

Praising India, Bill Gates mentioned that when people think of India they think of the development done here! Also, he mentioned his desire to invest in the technologies concerning education, healthcare, childcare, and other such sectors. Sharing his wish for India, he proclaimed that he aspires to introduce Indian children to new technology and eradicate the problem of malnutrition and poverty.

Gates foundation in alignment with certain startups aims to uplift and succor the underprivileged of the country.

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