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Disney+ blamed prior hacks.

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Disney+ streaming service was initiated recently. Unfortunately, millions of Disney+ accounts were hacked and traded online at a petty price. The company has now responded to the growing number of restless users by blaming past hacks and earlier breaches at other services and companies. Disney has apparently, found no security breach in its system.

Updates on Disney+ hacks

Disney joins the list of other streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu. Most of these streaming service accounts are also hacked and sold on the dark web.

Disney released a statement saying there was no security breach in the Disney+ streaming service. The company also referred to that the hacked Disney+ accounts are limited to “a very small percentage of users”.

It’s hard to blame Disney or the users at this juncture. Security experts repeatedly warn users to avoid reusing passwords on multiple services and devices. Yet, users reuse the information and the password as it’s simply easier. But, once a hacker gains access to the password, it’ll open multiple doors instead of one.

Disney+ was launched in the US, Canada, and the Netherlands. In a tie-up with Verizon customers, Disney+ offered a free subscription for a year. Numerous such promotions saw a massive 10 million subscriptions on the day of the launch. However, it also brought many technical issues and security concerns for users.

The Disney+ hack saw usernames and passwords sold on the dark web and hacking forums for $3 to $7. Usernames and passwords of other streaming services include Netflix, Hulu, and others are equally sold on these forums.

Tips to remain careful!

Today there are so many internet-based services and apps that we’ve unconsciously become dependent on them. The best way to stay safe is to use unique passwords and usernames for every service signed up online.

Some security researchers say that a few services are hesitant to implement stringent security measures as they don’t want to be seen as more inconvenient than competitors. It’s best to create unique and strong passwords to stay safe than depending on the services we use.

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