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Ethnic Minorities of Myanmar angry with the vote bank.




Rohingya Muslims denied vote
Rohingya Muslims denied vote

Ethnic Minorities of Myanmar angry with the vote bank. The state government excluded conflict hit minority regions from the vote due to November 8 polls. The decision is based on security concerns. Around 2 million people disenfranchised.

People of Myanmar are hoping for State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi’s  ruling national league for democracy to get in power. As the voting not taking place in numerous constituencies, the number of votes for her party are decreased.

Residents of Rakhine state will not be eligible to vote. The tension is the state has burdened people even more. They are experiencing lack of control. Civil war is going on in between Arkan army and Myanmar Military are engaged in and have killed and wounded over 200.000 people. AA is enjoying support from the people as they cannot deal with the majority Bamar.

The people are seeking political solution than war.

Enduring Hopelessness

One community in Rakhine state is already unaffected latest because decision because they are already disenfranchised. Myanmar’s Rohingya Muslims, stripped away from the right to vote long ago.

Myanmar has already charged at UN’s top court because of the military crackdown in 2017 which led 750,000 people to flee and seek refuge at Bangladesh.

 Pointing Fingers

Around 2 million people have already been decline to vote constituting five percent of the total population. Others states include: Shan, Kachin and Karen. The NLD government has claimed that they would strive for democracy.

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