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From Zero investment to 3 Million USD- The Tewari Group story





The pandemic has seen a lot of emerging entrepreneurs struggling to adapt to the new normal. To strive through such times along with extreme competition is a big task in itself and example of such an accomplishment is The Tewari Group. SportVolt was the initial spark blazed by The Tewari Group. The idea of SportVolt was introduced and implemented in the year 2016 by Kshitij Tewari. The fundamental concept behind SportVolt was to make India a sports superpower. “The aim was to focus on the grassroots level and identify and harness the talent that is currently overlooked’ tells Mr.Tewari. Kshitij was turned down by numerous investors before finally deciding to go ahead with the project based of a small family loan of 500 USD. Chasing the vision and not the money, Kshitij led SportVolt into being a profitable enterprise since the year of its inception with a projected revenue of 3 Million USD in FY20-21 and has already secured a revenue of 1 Million USD in the first two quarter.

Under the guidance of his father, Col Prakash Tewari, an army veteran and a UNESCO awardee, the team then decided to expand operations with the establishment of RushKash an organisation dedicated towards trading and promoting locally made products. “We wanted to take the same sentiment and work ethic and leverage our grassroots network to identify and promote industries with local ownerships” states Mr. Raghav Sharma, Director at RushKash. Both ventures soon saw various additions came in their respective portfolios. SportVolt entered the healthcare, manpower and capacity building sectors. ‘With a core competency in personnel training, manpower and capacity building seemed like an obvious choice, and being involved with sports and wellness, healthcare was a sector we always had an inkling towards’ says Kshitij. RushKash has also observed the addition of realty services in its project operations.

Kshitij and his team were all set to enter a new phase of expansion with plans to enter the defense sector but due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, those plans were derailed. The team decided to regroup and design a fresh strategy. This led towards the advent of Tewari Enterprises, with Col Prakash Tewari at the helm. In no time SVdefence came to fruition and is now moulding its way in GIS and GPS based tech and bulletproofing solutions. “Our aim through the Tewari Group is to consolidate all our operations and have them working in synchronicity and deliver bundled experiences as opposed to a single point deliverable” expresses Col Tewari, who has previously served as the Executive Director – CSR for DLF Ltd, prior to which he had served in identical roles at Jindal Steel and Power and Tata Power Company. The Tewari group has currently decided to not seek any outside investment in the near future, a decision that can be considered a feat in its own.

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