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Gaurav Gawande – The Indian Digital Icon who’s turning the heads




Gaurav Gawande is one of the prominent Youtuber from Maharashtra whose brand ggguruji is known for its legacy. The young icon has been lately launching some exceptional videos that have created an immense buzz in the community.

He went to Jalgaon to pursue his acting career and worked as a fencing coach in Tumsar in Bhandara District.. Known for his business acumen and acting skills, Gaurav has made his brand a huge hit in Maharashtra. He has worked with music composer and singer Avadhoot Gupte, who is a major Singer in the industry.

The you tuber expert is not only famous amongst normal people but has also starred in “7/12 saksharta ” (seven twelve literacy) which was declared the best play in the state. His videos have become a good social symbol for many and the entire credit goes to his sheer dedication and hard work over the years. Gawande acted in the youth festival in his state & made a short film which is uploaded in his YouTube channel.

Gawande’s motive is to elevate his work to the highest level and to make his work notable. He has managed to scale it to a point where he is recognized as one of the active social worker in India. Gawande is a versatile personality and later his interest in social events & guidance has been his passion. He currently lives in Washim District.

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