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Good cars are getting cheaper and cheap cars are getting good !




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Cars were invented in the year 1886 and from that time period, many revolutionary changes have taken place in the automobile industry. Hi, I’m Aviral and this is a brief of how the cars have revolutionised our day to day life. 

Now a lot of us still believe that the cars take us from point A to point B conveniently, but that is not correct, the impact of cars on our life is so appealing. The basic idea of a car is what, four wheels and an engine, well that’s not it, now we have brands like Rolls Royce, Bentley etc., Making truly art pieces which not only provide luxury but also servers as a status symbol. While on the other hand, there are manufacturers not focusing on the luxurious side of the vehicle, and focusing more towards the driving experience, such as the brands like Porsche, Porsche is one of the brands that are still providing customers with stick shift transmission (manual), and on being asked why they’re still sticking onto stick shifts in a world full of automatic cars, they stated that they’ll make stick shift transmission as long as their customers wants it, truly mesmerizing. And also, there’s brands that are focusing on how fast their machines can go, recently, Bugatti have claimed the 300mph mark with their Bugatti Chiron, but a Swedish manufacturer, Koenigsegg is not far behind from reaching the 300mph record, and there are rumours that they’ll break the record with their Koenigsegg Jesko, which they have been teasing in the auto shows. And yet there are cars that are the safest, their Volvo XC90 , have been the safest car ever and not even a single death has occurred in all the accidents it was a part of.

Koenigsegg Jesko

There have been numerous rivalries in between many car manufacturers, one of them is between Ford and Ferrari, I know most of you would be expecting Lamborghini instead of Ford, but everyone knows that one, and here’s the rivalry between Ford and Ferrari, now from the very early days , Ferrari have been a leader when it comes to performance cars and Ferrari completely dominated the Le Mans race , until Ford steps into the big picture, now there was a time when Ferrari bankrupt and Ford had no experience in automobile racing, and to really step into the racing, they needed help, a lot of it, so they made Enzo Ferrari an offer and he refused to take it and further disrespected Ford and Henry Ford II , this really got Ford going to build a race car that can beat Ferrari, and though Ferrari had no experience in race cars, they took help from Carroll Shelby, the founder of Shelby American, and his mate Ken Miles, the race car driver, they worked hard, harder than anything else and they were determined to make a car that can beat Ferrari in their game, and they eventually succeeded and they beat Ferrari and not only that, they even set a new record. 

FORD GT40, the race car built by Ford

Nonetheless, there are brands that are focusing on every aspect such as Aston Martin, Maserati, BMW, and so on, unlike years ago, the cars are much more accessible than it was before. 

“The good cars are getting cheaper and the cheap cars are getting good,” in fact you can spend around $10k that is around RS.700,000 , and you can get a pretty good car, that will be reliable, safe, economical, and tech packed since its 2019.

The average number of parts in a fully functional car is 30,000 , so when next time someone says its just a car, always remember that there are 30,000 parts that are making it possible to be called a ‘car’. 

Now I’m not sure the person who just read this article is a car enthusiast or not , but if there’s a slight bit interest in you after reading this article about cars, then don’t waste it since there’s a lot left to be discussed about these beautiful machines.

There’s a saying “you can tell a lot about a person by the car they drive”, and it is indeed true.

Thank you for reading, see you in the next one.

Youtuber, Carguy, Rider, Sneakerhead and a Tech nerd !

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