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Ina Orlova, Social Media Influencer, Mummy and Personal Trainer



Ina Orlova

Ina Orlova, young Social Media Influencer and mummy of two beautiful boys. She was born in Belarus and in 1999 she moved to the Netherlands.

After working for many years as manager in High-end Fashion store she understood that she will never be happy with working full-time for someone else and not seeing her kids and husband. That’s why she has followed her dream. Ina started her Social media journey 6 years ago, even she haven’t receive any support from people around her. The most people said that she was too late, that she will not be able to make it, but Ina has not given up. She believed in herself, and forced herself to be positive no matter what. From this experience is her favorite quote: ‘The people that say, ‘your dreams are impossible’ have already quite on theirs’’.

She loves being Personal trainer, the fact she can help people change their way of eating, living and even thinking. Her husband and kids are her biggest motivation and a reason not to give up.

Nowadays when Ina looks back at what she’s been going through she is proud of herself and she believes that everything in her life made her stronger.

Being an influencer is a real job, it needs consistency, patience, creativity and time. Advice that we got from Ina Orlova: ‘If you know exactly what you want and you truly believe in yourself, the only thing I can say THE WORLD IS YOURS’

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