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Incomet trainees vouch for its qualitative result oriented training in the Stock Market




Apoorv Jain

Apoorv Jain says that Joining Incomet was the best decision of his life

Apoorv Jain has recently started his career in trading and investment. He is doing incredibly well within a short period.  Apoorv credits his knowledge and success to Incomet, the firm from where he has learned the nuances and skills required to enter the field with confidence. He vouches for the knowledge gained from Incomet. Excerpts from his interview

When did you join Incomet?

I joined Incomet’s  2nd November 2020 batch

How beneficial was Incomet in your journey of becoming a successful stock market expert?

Incomet has helped me immensely in my journey for gaining relevant knowledge required to enter this field. It helped me to take my trades to another level. The knowledge I gained helped me in building confidence in taking the right trade decisions. In my views the kind of information and study material Incomet provides to its trainees is brilliant.

What is your earning and comparative growth before and after joining Incomet?

Earlier I wasn’t earning well due to a lack of skills and knowledge required. But after joining Incomet I am earning rupees 1lac-2lac per week depending on the kind of risk I am willing to take. The professional growth and increase in earnings are incredible.

Do you think investing in the stock market is advisable for every youth?

In my opinion, every citizen irrespective of age limit must have finance related knowledge to some extent and financial freedom as well. The stock market is the means to put your money to good use. It not only helps the individuals but the businesses and industries as well and in that way it is beneficial for our country too. It is also a great career opportunity.

How was your overall experience with Incomet?

My overall experience has been tremendously good. I have learned lots of essential knowledge and several supportive things desired to enter this field. I think it would be a disaster to continue without knowledge. Maybe I would have taken a good amount of time to excel without the information and skills I have gathered here. Incomet’s team of experts is not only brilliant at their work they are very supportive as well. They provide you ample time and guidance to learn every aspect of this field. It is definitely the way to go, to learn more and more and about the stock market.

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