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Indian Photographer and Entrepreneur – Rajani Aditya




Rajani Aditya

Rajani Aditya (born 2000) is an Indian wildlife photographer and entrepreneur.

Rajani Aditya grew up in Rajkot and got into wildlife photography in 2018 when studying MBBS in MAC College of medical. After graduation, he worked in many workshops of photography and later at became a full time photo enthusiastic. Currently, he is full-time into photography teaching, conducting Wildlife Photography Tours and Workshops. He is known for his Wildlife Photographer of the Year for the year 2020.

His pictures are noteworthy for their technically sophisticated and evocative character, generating appropriate moods to move viewers. This green evangelist campaigns for wildlife protection around the world and gives freely of his time and images to raise awareness about nature and wildlife. He also talks about his work and the state of wildlife to young people across the world hoping to inspire and win their commitment to this cause so dear to him.

Rajani Aditya became Celebrity Photographer in recent times.

In 2021 He has won awards held at the Society in his state. His Future aim is to become both Filmmaking & one of the best photographers all over the world.

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