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Influencer M.Bala Bhargavi shares her views on creating relatable content for the audience





It is rightly said that age has no limit and in this dynamic world, the talent of youngsters speak for itself. With the advancement of internet, many people have made their successful careers as influencers. One of the emerging names,M.Bala Bhargavi also became an internet sensation who enjoys a fan following in millions across the web. Yes, you read that right! She is a 22-year old girl who has a following of 950 thousand followers on Instagram and has had more than 10 million followers on TikTok. She rose to fame after her trending video ‘Ranu Ranu’ broke the internet and made her a popular star.

Social media has been a platform where Bhargavi got to showcase her acting and dancing skills. She very often posts her dancing videos and also shoots concept-based videos as per the preferences of her fans. Moreover, Bhanu’s talent has got her on YouTube as well where she has subscribers more than 120 thousand and counting. Being a YouTuber, the content creator uploads videos of all categories including fashion, travel, lifestyle, beauty and much more. Well, her passion for acting has takenM.Bala Bhargavi on a completely different and promising career path of content creation which is one of the most sought professions today.

Despite being a popular face on the internet, the 22-year old influencer is keen to become a businesswoman. She aims to be an entrepreneur and serve society by helping the underprivileged people and those in need. “Having a business of my own has been a life-long dream. I would say I am living my dream now as well. It is great to see people shower love on me for work and it just motivates me to be the best version of myself”, quoted the influencer. According to her, social media plays a great role in impacting the audience and she has truly been creating a positive atmosphere with her work.

She says that her purpose is to entertain people and spread smiles. Along with it, M.Bala Bhargavi also emphasized on the fact that the audience loves relatable content very much. “As far as I create content, I make sure that the audience can relate maximum to it. I believe that authenticity and originality in the video are extremely important”, added Bhargavi. During the time of the pandemic, the influencer has rightly been the entertaining figure and we hope that she continues to woo the audience with her out of the box content.

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