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Life happens from you through you to you, Says Kartik Naidu Transpersonal Therapist





He is and Author and the creator of the 4% technique . His profound experience in subconscious and super conscious mind training enables him to help people transform their lives.

Transpersonal Therapy is a natural and holistic way to heal psychosomatic disorders like anxiety, depression, OCD etc. It has become an indispensable need of the hour during these tough times, says Kartik.

His psychological and scientific training programs help individuals advance through stressful situations and also help them excel in their career or business. The Mind has the ability to make unreal things real for you, but if you learn and practice the nuances of the mind, it can be a true miracle, Naidu further added. Kartik founded Green Aura Holistic, a community-led by visionary trainers, who help individuals unfold their INFINITE potential within. They are a collective of enthusiasts whose objective is to accelerate human empowerment and evolution.


His journey began at the age of 13 when he was initiated into the meditative practices by a spiritual master who was a scientist at NASA before he got Self- realised. After training many years under him and learning the fundamentals of being human, Kartik Advanced into the higher spiritual practices in 2008. He Trained in and out of an Ashram under the guidance of his GURU who was a Himalyan Yogi and a master of the great ancient yogic lineage. Training under him was tough as the master was unpredictable and wasn’t easy to be around. He would push you to your limits and press you hard when you were at your worst but if you had what it takes to stay the course; transformation was inevitable says Naidu.From his masters he learnt the secrets of parapsychology, Karma, Past life impressions. And how to transcend the laws. His training under, hypnotherapists, alchemists, doctors, yogis and scientists enable him to create a perfect blend of scientific and spiritual methodologies for transforming lives. His client base consists of businessmen, industrialists, celebrities to corporate top brass, if you have a mind you can be healed, says Kartik Naidu.

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