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Love capsule: Ours is a loveless marriage, but it’s good! – Times of India



I have always been a high-spirited girl. My freedom, my independence and the ability to make decisions by myself have always been major priorities in my life. And so, with time, the people around me accommodated accordingly; my parents never imposed their strict decisions or ways on me and I am thoroughly grateful for that. The only thing I was super worried about was if my husband would also tolerate my independence. And in the search for the perfect husband who would accept me as I am, I met Avinash.

Avinash is a cut above the rest. He is very calm, chilled and flexible. When we met, he clearly told me that he wanted me to live on my own terms. He didn’t have any expectations from me and that was what drew me towards him. I didn’t need anybody to impose their marital expectations on me, I needed someone who could let me run wild and free.

The only thing that confuses me sometimes is how we don’t love each other at all when we are in a seemingly happy marriage. We never seemed to build any romantic feelings between us, but we felt very comfortable, safe and secure when we were together. Avinash made me feel like there were no boundaries I had to adhere to, and that soothed my adventurous soul a lot. It’s almost as if we were the best of friends, who got married to each other.

For me, love isn’t important. Companionship is. I don’t need to spend my life with someone I love. I only need someone who can understand me to the core and feed my hunger to be myself. And for this very reason, he quickly became everything I dreamed my life partner to be.

The only thing Avinash is clear about is how his family shouldn’t get to know that we aren’t romantically involved with each other. And so, he plans parties for every milestone we cross together and he proclaims our love in front of the world by sharing cute social media posts. He wants the world to know that we are very much in love and are very happy together. And later, we laugh together at the cheesy captions he puts up. He plans lavish vacations for both of us. Last year, in Miami we had such a great time together and he even surprised me with a scuba diving treat! You’d be surprised to know that while we travelled together, we barely spent any time with each other. He was busy doing things he loved, I was doing my own things.

Avinash also has no problem with me flirting with other people. He is super fine with it and even encourages me to mingle with other people. The only thing he wants is for me to be very careful so that our close friends and family members do not get a whisk of what’s going on. So, if he is alright with me doing everything I want, I have no reason to question his moves and part of me thinks it’s completely valid for him to not want to involve our families in this. We aren’t just some traditional couple, we are different and not everyone will understand us.

As long as we are happy, that’s what matters!

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