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Lucy Liu directed Anupam Kher.



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Well after Priyanka Chopra we are seeing many renowned Bollywood celebs are trying their hands in Hollywood.

Lucy turned director for the second season of New Amsterdam

The actor has become a friendly face in the West with his popular identity of Dr. Vijay Kapoor in the show New Amsterdam. He was especially ecstatic when Hollywood celebrity Lucy Liu directed one of the episodes of this medical drama show. Lucy, who has starred in popular shows and films such as Charlie’s Angels and Elementary, turned director for Episode-11 for the second season of New Amsterdam.

What Anupam Kher has to say about her!

The creative Anupam Kher says, “The significant thing she said when we met was that we have to work together as actors, I said that someday we will surely!”. She had seen my work and that is a compliment in itself. It made me really happy.

Talking about an actor directing other actors Anupam says, “It’s very delightful, and a joy to have an actor direct, especially a young and enthusiastic one. It was a surprise for everyone. Others who have directed are able directors but an actor carries several new components. I have already done two days’ work with her. She is mind-blowing, her comprehensive strategy is very different.”

Calling Kill Bill his favorite film of Lucy Liu, he says, “I adore her work. After knowing somebody’s work and then being directed by them is an excellent feeling and she is a very humble and minding person. She understands the emotions of the actors very well”. That’s why soon he is going to be the face of another season of New Amsterdam.

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