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Making his mark in the vast entrepreneurial world as a true blue professional – Francesco Lo Moro



Be it in the health or beauty niche or in the online business world, Francesco Lo Moro has proved his mettle.

There are a set of people, who after setting foot into their chosen field and facing the challenges, give up halfway, thinking they wouldn’t be able to continue on their path because of the competition and many other hurdles, while there are some others, who believe in turning the same challenges into opportunities for themselves and carving a unique path for themselves. This very positive mental attitude and the determination to stand tall in front of any adversities has what allowed certain professionals and entrepreneurs to gain the success they enjoy today. We came across one such high-performing influencer and entrepreneur named Francesco Lo Moro, who is all about his courage, passion and his goal to achieve milestones in whatever he chooses to do in his career and life.

He was born in 1989 in Florence, Italy and grew up to be a person who valued things, people and relations. Today, if he is a well-known influencer and entrepreneur, who owns several clothing brands and social media consulting agencies, it can also be attributed to the many different experiences he has had in life so far, which has made him more determined towards his goals. He and his brother (23) saw their life took a turn when they lost their father, Angelo, fighting cancer. However, all of this did not stop them from achieving the success they deserved in life and instead of losing hope, they kept moving.

Speaking about Francesco Lo Moro, he was a talented kid since his early days and was great at football at the age of 10. However, a certain injury at the age of 16 took him on a different road, where today, he has established himself in the world of business. He specializes in the niches of beauty and health and has even worked with prestigious companies such as L’Oréal Italia as a sales consultant from 2012-2016. This was followed by him assisting Jeunesse Global’s development for two years in Italy and Spain.

It was in 2019 that Francesco Lo Moro decided to move to Asia to work around his online business and in Thailand, he learned the ‘its and bits’ of starting and managing online stores and, along the way, also honed his skills in strategic consultation given to brands. By the end of 2020, this young talent went to Dubai and with that, his brother Andrea also became his business partner. Together they have excelled in niches of trading, consulting and e-commerce business.

Today, Francesco Lo Moro has achieved massively as a young entrepreneur, where he manages two fashion businesses and, at the same time, also shows his prowess in promoting brand awareness development and social media marketing strategies for his customer base across the Middle East and Europe. His Instagram has already reached over 90K followers and still growing.

His impeccable fashion sense, combined with his passion for social media consulting, has brought Francesco Lo Moro to the forefront of the entrepreneurial world.

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