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Meet Omar Rammal One Of The Finest Director in the World




Often, directors do not get enough recognition for their work because people are mostly concerned about the story that has been portrayed and the actors who are performing well. However, have you ever wondered about the true mastermind who is behind such outstanding results? Not many times, right? This is the reason why we bring you Omar Rammal, a professional cinematographer and director who has been working in the filmography industry for about 6 years now, binding and combining over brilliant acts through the years.

Since the beginning of time, Omar Rammal has been a very interested individual who likes to observe things and get involved in almost everything, his curiosity got certainly the best of him and he allowed himself to grow. This is the reason why he has an understanding which is completely unique, about how the world works and how it allows him to particularly experience the extremes, good or bad, love or hate. Without so many years of experience, he would not have been able to advance so much in his life, along with the film industry especially. After he secured his degree from SAE institute summer things have been great because he was able to reach his true potential with the help of this course.

Movies lack a lot of things these days, since most of them have become pretty commercial and do not have a particular feeling of sincerity in them, to be exact they are not raw in nature. The works from Omar Rammal are especially profound for a number of reasons, the number one reason being his contribution to both solo as well as commercial projects for different kinds of bands and artists. He maintains a continuous balance in his work.
Omar Rammal has also Won a number of awards and has been nominated for several more. To be exact, two of his best work still dates are Hajez and Fatimah. You might want to check them out very soon, they are true works with very refined emotions.

To be honest, BB usually concentrates on short films since he does not work as a scriptwriter but rather as a director and professional cinematographer, he does not see the point of expanding a particular single story. Why would someone sit down for a 2-hour train wreck if they can simply turn way the same thing in a short duration of time, and still delivered the message? This is exactly why Omar Rammal is an excellent storyteller, he does his magic through his camera in very different ways, it can not only capture your attention but also your mind for a very long time. After all, human beings can be influenced in very different ways, and Omar’s works certainly stir us all.

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