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Prince Sharma..The Rising Star!



A budding talent from the small town in Haryana. Fighting all odds and keeping up with his own set of struggles Prince Sharma has now become the No. 1 charting lyricist.

Prince had a strong inclination towards poetry and music from his childhood and he continued to work towards his passion and gave the industry famous numbers like dil di rani, blood, chori chiri , valentine and the very famous one in collaboration with Pranjal Dahiya- aafat. Aafat brought to him incredible success when it crossed 3 Million views instantly after its realease.

Prince had seen many challenges and there was no one in the industry for him to fall back on, even though he had known quiet a few of them. He had to rely mostly on his own expertise and believe in God to achieve what he has done today. He is one amongst the few who know how to turn struggles to success with all will, wisdom and talent. He is someone who chooses to defeat the defeats and move on in life. Probably this is one of the many reasons that he could make himself well known in the tough music industry today despite being employed in a public service.

Other than his talents and God’s will he definitely has some people whom he counts for his success is Sachin Sarpanch. Sachin has been there for him throughout and helped him to continue to strive for more.

He has also been a famous tik tok artist and had a overwhelming 85k followers there in just 2 days.

Prince is also a strong believer of Lord Krishna, and believes with each setback in life he has also seen lot of miracles and as a result his devotion and his belief has only become stronger on God.

Prince best fiends named Dinesh Bharadwaj which is his partner I. Tommo records is also his well wished and a great supporter for his work and Prince also looks forward to continue with his life changing experiences and adventure and aims to bring many more famous music pieces in the industry and to his audiences.

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