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Rahul borole youngest influencer and political in India




Rahul, rahul borole

Wrong are the people who say backbenchers can’t be bosses. Not every person who is a scholar is meant to be a boss. It all depends upon how smart you are at work. A mediocre student at school, Rahul Borole is now on his way to become a brand by himself. He is a photographer and social media marketer based in Aurangabad. Owner of RB Social Media Marketing Agency, Borole has many small-scale brands in his clientele and his list is expanding with each passing day. Before getting into social media marketing, he started working as a photographer. A self-learner, Rahul learned photography by himself and today he has mastered the art.

Simultaneously with photography, he is also working as a social media marketer. He owns a company named RB Social Media Marketing Agency which helps many small-scale brands to grow on the internet. Rahul has built his presence on almost every social media platform including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Linkedin and TikTok. “As a creative person, you should have not one but many options opened. In this field, you need to be different to stay in the race and I am learning new skills to keep myself relevant in the market”, quoted Borole. Apart from this, he also plans to get into advertising and public relations by the next year.

Behind every brand, there is a brand maker or a marketing agency who works hard in popularizing the brand – offline as well as online. Today we tell you about Rahul Borole, a talented creative mind who is the owner of RB Social Media Marketing Agency. He is responsible to help many small-scale brands by giving them a good presence on the internet. With having his presence on every social media platform like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and TikTok; the 29-year old has expertise in boosting the brand value over the web. He hails from Aurangabad, he started his company by taking up marketing assignments of local companies and brands.

Imagined a picture in my mind and made it a reality. When you learn the art of photography, you get complete exposure to be a photographer. I have also been learning to make films and it is a great learning experience”, he said. Previously he has shot some of the short films like ‘It’s Possible’, ‘Jai Shivarai’ and ‘One Mistake’. Honing his skills, Rahul Borle has also been into social media marketing and has his own company named RB Social Media Marketing Agency. He has his presence almost everywhere on the internet including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Linkedin, YouTube and TikTok.

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