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Rivalry between Muslim Supremacy.




Rivalry between Muslim Supremacy
Rivalry Between Muslim Supremacy

Rivalry between Muslim Supremacy, Saudi Arabia and Turkey at cold war. Saudi supermarkets shuns all the item ‘made in Turkey’. The competition between the two Muslim Supremacy goes long back in the Muslim world. The geopolitical rivalry has severed over the years, beginning from 2018. The time when Saudi Arabic agents killed the journalist Jamal Khashogi in the Kingdom Istanbul.

Turkey is tourist magnet but still has a struggling economy. Saudi Arabia is taking full advantage to destroy their economy and expand their economic struggles. Turkey Exporters of textiles have complained regarding the delays at Saudi’s end. Riyadh has blocked the attempts of Turkey to import which could possibly destroy Global supply chain.

Negative Perception

The campaign is targeting Turkey’s covid-19 hit economy. Turkey is likely to lodge complain this act to the world trade organization. Saudi Government has sought distance from the campaign. The government has blamed that the citizens are boycotting Turkey products. Rivalry between the two Muslim Supremacy could lead to cancellation of visas from the side of Turkey.

Political Showmanship

It is a kind of a political showmanship. Saudi considers Turkey as external threat, is the reason wht they are taking such extreme action. Saudi Arabia is the 15th biggest export market with textiles, chemical, furniture and steel among among the main items purchased.

Turkey stands to lose more in the short term from disruptions to bilateral trade relations. However, Saudi Arabia must tread carefully to minimise any reputation- related costs associated with global perceptions of its trade policy.

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