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Russia and Iran disagree with meddling claims.




denied meddling claims
Russians and Iranians disagree with with meddling claims

Russia and Iran disagree with the meddling claims made by US. US alleged Russia and Iran in taking part influencing the public opinion ahead of November 3 US presidential election.

The US Director of National Intelligence John Radcliffe claims that Russia and Iran have taken information regarding the US voters and influence the public opinion in their favor. Kremlin said that the accusations are raining down every day. all of them are absolutely groundless, they are not based on anything.

US have put forward a baseless claim on a verge of the country’s election so that they would advance their undemocratic and predefined scenario through shifting the blame. Alizera Miryousefi called this allegations another scenario to undermine voter confidence. Washington has made an extreme attempt to question the outcome of its own election at the highest level.

Ratcliffe, with FBI Director Christopher Wray beside him, did not explain how the Russians and the Iranians had obtained the voter information or how the Russians might be using it.

US intelligence agencies repeatedly warned Russia, Iran and China. They took part in social media disinformation efforts made to influence US voters. In 2016, Russian President Vladimir Putin oversaw hacking and social media operations aimed to help Trump to win election and to attain victory over Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Iran is claimed to use the Proud Boys name in the emails came after Trump refused to take part in it. He continued to praise the ones appearing at the political rallies.

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