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Russia has made World’s 1st COVID-19 Vaccine ‘Sputnik V’





Russia’s President Vladimir Putin announced that his country has developed first vaccine that works quite effectively” and “forms a stable immunity” against COVID-19 as he disclosed that one of his daughters has already been vaccinated.

Russia named the newly approved vaccine Gam-COVID-Vac nicknamed”Sputnik V”. Named in reference to the world’s first artificial satellite, launched during the space race.

He claimed that his daughter was experimented for the vaccine and was vaccinated against the COVID-19. “After the first vaccination, she had a body temperature of 38 degrees Celsius, while the following day it was slightly over 37 degrees Celsius, that’s it. After the second injection, the second vaccination, her temperature also rose a little, and then everything cleared up, she feels good and the [antibody] titers are high, Putin said.

It works quite effectively” and “forms a stable immunity,” he added. Putin also thanked everyone who worked on the first-ever vaccine against the coronavirus. He hoped that Russia will be able to start mass production of this medication in the near future.

The vaccine was developed jointly by the Gamaleya Research Institute and the Russian Defence Ministry. It has two separately-injected components that together are expected to build a long-term immunity against the virus.

Clinical trials of the vaccine began on June 18 along with 38 volunteers. All of the participants developed an immunity. The first group was discharged on July 15, the second group on July 20.

Putin also announced that a number of countries are already showing interest in the vaccine. The Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) is investing in the production and promotion of the vaccine abroad.

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