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Russians have hacked power grid and nuclear plant.



Russians hackers caught by U.S researchers
Russian Hackers caught by the U.S researchers.

Russians have hacked power grid and nuclear plant in USA. Cybersecurity officials watched with the growing alarm in September as Russian state hackers started prowling around dozens of american state and local government computer systems just two months before the electons.

This act did not worry Americans so much as they anticipated it due to what happened earlier in 2016 election. The group involved in the election could be Dragonfly and Energetic Bear for its hackings of the energy sector. they breached the power grid, water treatment facilities and even nuclear power plants including Kansas.

It has also hacked into Wi fi systems at San Francisco International Airport and at least two other West Coast airports in March in apparent bid to find one unidentified traveler, a demonstration of the hackers power and resolve.

September intrusions marked the first researchers caught the group, a unit of FSB targeting states and counties. the timing of the attacks so close to the election and the potential for disruption set off concern inside private security firms. law enforcement and intelligence agencies.

In 2016, Russian hackers from other groups were unusually noisy in their efforts to penetrate some state election databases. But Russia was called out and punished for its interference.

The group has thus far stopped short of sabotage, but appears to be preparing for some future attack. The hackings so unnerved officials that starting in 2018, the U.S, Cyber Command, the arm of the Pentagon that conducted offensive cyberattacks, hit back with retaliatory strikes on the Russian grid.

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