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S.P. Supremo Akhilesh Yadav & Dimple Yadav, recognised work by Mohammed Shariq from Prayagraj, blesses him with post at State Level




Mohd Shariq, is a young energetic , dynamic persons from Trans Jamuna area.

He is a well known heroic figure amongst socially boycott ed citizen, youngster’s, oldies, and people who find the hard means to earn daily

He is a activist , and social service worker first and later took to politicians to guard his intention of working for people, amongst them and getting the pain of down trodden

He thought a lot of ideologies before joining politics, since the current scenario in India is more caste and religion biased, instead of taking to RIGHT OR LEFT politics and wing, he tried framing his footsteps on LOHIYA JI the building block of socialism and communalism in India.

He has a team of 500 dedicated people who work for the welfare of Harijan, Bahujan, and hapless people He deployed the gap between rich and poor through his Mother Teresa Foundation

His speeches are a reverie for the youth and his family already since years, are dedicated in the development of Naini area, be it school, industries, restaurant, mall etc

His novel work was heard by esteemed SP Leader Akhilesh Yadav A versatile youth icon, and he entitled Mohd Shariq with the post of

Since then his work gained momentum, as he got wings under the guidance of Dimple Ji and Akhilesh

His narrative of politics is Not just about BALLOT RIGGING FIGHT, but it’s kind of fighting for millions and serving millions of hearts. People could not help boosting his fierce narrative of speeches, in the area.

He further quotes, IQBAL that India is a bride and both her eyes are Hindu and Muslim, without a harmonious relationship between the two, we cannot thrive

His great grandfather had donated a land to Ramlila committee and granted land s for ChurchesWe wish him the very best in his future endeavours

I'm the man who started my career as a Memer has given myself tremendous exposure in the field of social media and public relations. The digital expert has funded many startups and has built a strong presence on the digital domain.

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