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The story of Nirav Sabhaya: a power loom weaver and a philanthropist who leads by example

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How many of us decide to leave the comfort zone of our houses, jobs, or businesses, and help out those in need? The answer is obvious – one in a million. And, one such person is Nirav Sabhaya who belongs to the small city of Surat, Gujarat, and is a known textile manufacturer in his town.

He is been into power loom weaving for quite a few years until he decided that he wanted something more out of life. That is when he decided to help out people, and soon enough, he became the leader of the area, Sachin Pandesara, GIDC, Gujarat. He is also a committee member of the Federation of Gujarat Weavers Welfare Association (FOGWA).

Nirav Sabhaya was the one who took the courage to stand up for more than 100s of weavers, at the DGVCL office and voiced out on the issue of power supply and power cut problem in looms. All his hard work turned out to be a success and this problem is now under control.

Nirav Sabhaya’s helping nature and a soft heart is what makes him a people’s person. He works as a society reformer and also knows as a society well wisher. He always supports those in need and he even distributed 10,000+ food kits which included all types of vegetables and groceries to the people who had no money left to fill their stomachs, during the lockdown.

He even supports and plays an important role in the cause called “pasti dan se pustak dan”, which is a group of people who provide books and educational kits for free in the slum areas, and to the poor kids so that they can educate themselves.

At a very young age, Nirav Sabhaya joined his own family textile business and got into social causes to help out people as much as he can. He definitely has a heart of gold and we can safely say that there are very few people left in the world, who support and stand up for the greater good of people. Nirav Sabhaya is definitely an inspiration to us all!

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