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This trick may make your old iPhone run fast – Times of India



Apple is known to slow down the performance of old iPhones so that the battery life gets extended. So, if you are someone using the iPhone 6 or iPhone 7 in 2021, you can either opt to turn off the Performance Management feature in the Battery section inside Settings menu or there’s a new trick. Note that if you turn off Performance Management, your old iPhone may switch off sometimes on its own.
Talking about the new trick, as per a report by Chinese website MyDrivers, you can expect to boost the performance of your old iPhone, like the iPhone 7, by simply changing the region to France. The website claimed that AnTuTu benchmark score revealed a significant increase in performance by changing the home region of the iPhone to France.
Apple was heavily fined in France for slowing down older iPhones. This is the reason the Cupertino-based tech giant doesn’t slow down the performance of older iPhones to conserve battery. Also, local laws in France dictate that all smartphones must come with headphones and this is the reason Apple is still continuing to provide free earphones with the iPhones it sells in France.
Changing the location to France to boost performance may only work for older iPhones as there will be no change if you try the same on newer iPhones.
The report further claimed that the same trick works for older iPads as well.
While Apple is still slowing down older iPhones in all regions of the world apart from France, the company has reduced the price of replacement batteries.

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