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When Siri corrects anchor on live show!

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Voice is future! Well AI is taking over everything and that day is not too far when there will be complete domination of AI over humans and there chore.

At the time when BBC meteorologist Tomasz Schafernaker was giving weather info for the snowfall in the cities of Minneapolis and Denver, US, he was suddenly disturbed by Siri — Apple’s virtual helper — disproving his statement.

While Schafernaker was shocked by the unanticipated paradox, he instantly protected himself by stating, ‘Yeah, but it probably doesn’t know what place I’m talking about.’

The video turned viral all over the web and entertained a lot of netizens.

In the meantime, Apple recently registered a patent that will allow Siri to feel and understand the facial speeches and ólsentiments of the user when he or she is giving voice commands to it.

According to the tech giant, facial appearance study is a more accurate method to differentiate what the user truly intends through speech and such novelty will prevent misunderstanding of voice instructions by the user.

In the patent, Apple stated, ‘In some circumstances, an action taken by an intelligent software agent may not match the action that the user.

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