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Xiaomi cries foul for Redmi Note 7S.

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Xiaomi is one of the most reputed and popular smartphone brands in India. The company has a wide range of products in the country catering to the different needs of consumers. But the Chinese tech company is facing criticism for a mobile phone explosion that is believed to be caused by a faulty battery.

Mobile phone explosions have startled consumers and brands ever since incidents like the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco made global headlines. A lot of brands, including Apple, Xiaomi and others have been at some point in time linked to mobile phone explosion incidents, getting a bad remark.

Now, Xiaomi is once again in the spotlight after a Redmi Note 7S caught fire and the company refused to take the blame.

According to Ishwar Chavhan, a Mumbai resident, a newly-purchased Redmi Note 7S suddenly caught fire. Chavhan claims the phone wasn’t charging at the time of explosion. It was dropped at any point to trigger such a mishap. According to The Times of India report, the user suspects it could be a manufacturing defect.

We tried looking up for the Facebook post in question and couldn’t find it. But the publication posted a statement from Xiaomi India. Which doesn’t claim responsibility for the incident and suggested it was caused due to “external force.”

Cause of explosion

“At Xiaomi, quality of our products is of utmost importance. The trust that Mi Fans have shown in the brand for the past 5 years is a testament to that. We also take pride in having one of the strongest after-sales networks in the country with an aim to solve customer issues seamlessly. In this particular case, after careful examination, it was concluded that the damage was caused due to external force. Thus, classified under ‘customer induced damage,” Xiaomi India was quoted as saying by TOI.

Users statement

In the post, Chavhan had noted that he contacted Xiaomi’s authorized store in Thane after the incident. Five days after examining the phone, I was told there was some issue with the battery. It’s not clear if the service centre confirmed a manufacturing defect. The user seems to have implied that in his social media post.

There have been several incidents of mobile phone explosions, which turned awry for the owners. In some cases, users have lost their life due to mobile phone explosions while some users lost their fingers. Users have been strongly advised against using phones. hile charging, which appears to have triggered an explosion in more than one case.

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