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Young Dynamic Businessman – Atul Kishan Sharma



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Meet young dynamic businessman of Delhi/Ncr – Atul Kishan Sharma

Atul Kishan Sharma is a young dynamic businessman of Delhi/Ncr who lives in Delhi/NCR. He started his career since 2015, and his age is only 21 years. He is the founder and CEO of Kishen Events. Atul Kishan Sharma, Young Dynamic Businessman, who is also the Chief of the Rashi Cables, has succeeded in achieving success at a very young age and has set a precedent for the youth. It has been very loyal and passionate about its work, which is the only means of reaching success. He earned fame in the society. Pulkit Sharma his Brother always supports him and he is a partner of Kishan events. Nowadays Atul Kishan Sharma is proving to be a well-known person on social media, he has more than 60k + followers.

Kishen Events is India’s leading organizing company and Young Dynamic Businessman and also Haryana’s biggest artist organizing company. He launched Akki Kalyan, Sumit Goswami, Shiva Pandit, YC Gujjar from his event, which is at the peak of his field today. Atul also worked with Punjabi singers like Karan Shembi, Parmish Verma. Also, they have worked with YouTubers such as Half Engineer, Jatin Sharma, Pradeep Khera. Recently, he sent many known people to Thailand via Travailino Creators to Thailand.

Presenting the talent of other artists in front of people, not only by working day and night at such a young age, but also leading them to success. Young Dynamic Businessman Atul Kishan Sharma has proved that to achieve success, there is no age skill and passion required. It is indeed a privilege to step on the stage of early success on this day. By the way, touching heights in every profession in the world considered to be a symbol of success.

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